Tips for Keeping Your Workout Routine When Weather Keeps You Indoors

When weather keeps you indoors, staying on top of your fitness plan can be challenging. However, with a little motivation and a wealth of exercise options, you can maintain a healthy routine. Try these terrific tips for remaining fit and focused.

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Grey, drizzling days or ice and snow can make us want to cuddle under a blanket with a remote instead of donning fitness gear and moving. With a little motivation, you can keep a good mindset and stay on your fitness track. Some scientific studies suggest these tips will keep you motivated:

  • Stick to healthy food choices. It’s simple: if you’re feeding your body healthy fuel, you’ll feel better overall and will be more likely to stick to your workout routine. If frigid temperatures are keeping you from your weekly grocery run and you find yourself dialing up your local pizza joint for delivery, stop! It’s just as easy to opt for a mealbox delivery service, which will bring you wholesome ingredients for making your own fitness-friendly meals without having to leave the house. There are plenty of options to choose from, so be sure to check out reviews and price points to find a plan that works best for you.

  • Break the rules. If you think you need to do your workouts on particular days of the week or need certain pieces of gym equipment to make exercise worthwhile, you need to break your rules. You’re actually setting yourself up for failure by making unrealistic expectations. Reframe how you see your exercise routine. Give yourself permission to perform differently, on varying days and in different ways, so you can achieve success. You’ll feel better about working out and more inclined to keep up your routine.

  • Drop vanity. Rethink your workout if your goals are oriented entirely toward how you look. Rather than aiming for six-pack abs and firm thighs, set your aspirations on small improvements in your performance, such as dropping a percentage of body weight or adding a set of calisthenics to your routine. You’ll find it’s much easier to find focus and drive. Share your achievements with a friend; the pat on the back you receive will give you even more motivation for your next workout.

  • Healthy competition. Sometimes, bragging rights can be a big motivator. Connecting with others via social media or workout apps allows you to compare accomplishments, and it can provide you with motivation when you’re stuck inside and can’t connect in person with a workout partner.

Exercise options. If you’re thinking you don’t own the right equipment to keep up a fitness program, think again! Working out in your own home can be super simple:

  • Take a seat. With just a stable chair, some professionals suggest you can perform a variety of exercises that work your entire body. In fact, not only can you do a whole-body workout, you can reduce the ill effects of poor posture many of us earn by spending so much time sitting every day.

  • Heart healthy. With a little floor space and a mat, Shape explains you can burn calories and fat with a great cardio workout. Jogging in place, burpees and jumping jacks can be a part of your successful in-home routine.

  • Benefits abound. Speaking of floor space and a mat, yoga is a fantastic option for improving your overall wellness. Going beyond the usual exercise boons, some experts believe yoga improves your mental well-being by reducing anxiety and stress, and achieving better emotional balance.

  • Smartphone app. Looking for a great app to keep you on track? Try the Scientific 7-Minute Workout from the New York Times. Backed by scientific studies that indicate you’ll be fit as a fiddle with these 7-minute routines, it’s a quick and clean way to keep fit.

  • Go surfing. The internet offers workouts aplenty, so a little surfing can bring a wealth of opportunity into your home. Use some discretion in choosing between the many options available, since virtually anyone with cell phone capabilities can make their own exercise videos these days. The Chicago Tribune recommends Jessica Smith’s YouTube channel for everything from yoga and Pilates to kickboxing and strength training.

Indoor fitness is achievable. When you’re stuck inside and struggling with motivation, you can still find ways to work out. Instead of crashing on the couch with takeout food, set yourself up for success with healthy, home-cooked meals, some simple exercises, and a chair or exercise mat. Add an app or surf the web for a plethora of workout options. You’ll stay on track no matter what the weather throws your way!

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