Is your body prepared for injuries?

Is your body prepared for injuries?

Most people don’t’ think about visiting the chiropractor until after they have been injured. Unfortunately, what they don’t realize is how beneficial it is to see their chiropractor before an injury occurs, especially if you are preparing for a sporting event or other rigorous activity. Preparing your body to avoid the risk of injury is as, if not more important, than ensuring your body is in the proper shape for all levels of activity. For example, you know that in order for your car to run well, it needs routine maintenance; your body isn’t much difference than your car in that respect. Exercising keeps your muscles healthy and the foods you eat fuel your strength-combine these with preventative chiropractic care and you’ll have the ultimate combination for preventing injuries.

Avoid the Risk of Injury

One of the best benefits of visiting a chiropractor for preventive maintenance is that it will help you avoid or lessen the risk of injury. There are a range of techniques your chiropractor may choose to use for your preventative maintenance plan, including:

  • Massage not only helps your body recover from intense training, but it also focuses on the muscles that need attention and loosened up, increases your range of motion and helps to promote better circulation. Tight muscles can quickly result in injuries, especially if you aren’t physically used to heavy activity. A deep massage can also help you avoid injuries to the tendons and ligaments.

  • Chiropractic adjustments, both spinal and extremity, are one of the primary preventative maintenance methods a chiropractor uses to help you avoid injury. Spinal and extremity adjustments help to ensure that your spine and overall skeletal structure are properly aligned. A properly aligned spine helps you avoid injury because it ensures that the structural parts of your body are all working together in the most effective way possible. A spinal adjustment can also help to improve the health of your nervous system, which may reduce the risk of injury to your nervous system.

Although injuries can still happen if you are receiving preventative chiropractic care, but the way your body responds to the injury will be much different. The injury may not be near as severe as it would’ve been had you not taken the steps necessary to maintain your physical health. One of the best things about preventative chiropractic maintenance is that when your body is working hard for a peak performance, it will be able to better protect itself from injury and have a significantly increased chance of healing itself should an injury occur.

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