And I'm Like, Sow...

This morning I heard a quote on the radio from a pastor I really liked. Sow your thoughts, reap actions. Sow your actions, reap habits. Sow your habits, reap lifestyle. Sow your lifestyle, reap destiny.

But what it comes down to is what is in your heart. Deep down, I know that I love letting God heal others through my hands and my heart. I love connecting with people that way.

I also love to create, whether it's composing a new song, learning a new adjusting technique, or learning a new sport.

I am realizing that if my actions aren't aligned to the true values in my heart, I won't be happy. I can't possibly expect my lifestyle to be what I want it to be if my thoughts and actions aren't in alignment with that goal.

So what's important to you? What ultimately makes you happy? Always search from within at the core as the start of the process.

If you're always talking about what food you'll be eating, what food trucks you want to try, what trendy new restaurant you're dying to try, you're probably a foodie like me. What are you spending your time talking about, watching on TV or Youtube, or what your credit card statements say you spend your money on?

So it wouldn't make any sense if you're constantly putting yourself on a diet and never working out. It doesn't align with who you truly are. Step one in any addiction program is to admit that there's a problem. In this case, just admitting who you are and what your current values are.

So get clear on where your heart is, who you really are inside, and realign your actions, habits, and lifestyle, and ultimately your destiny. As George McFly from Back To The Future said, "You are my density..."

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