Get More from Having Less

I started this new year slightly differently than past years. I started by having no resolutions. This doesn't mean I don't have any goals. Having no new resolutions means less stress to add to my already full plate.

In addition, or rather without adding more on, my wife Renee and I usually start the year off with a 21 day fast. The first time we fasted, it was strictly eating raw fruits and vegetables. This year's fast for 21 days includes staying away from candy, processed sugar products, television, YouTube, and social media. As easy as it is to write and think about, that means no posting updates or checking on how many likes there are on Facebook, Instagram, and what the latest trending tweets on Twitter. I admit, that I have become quite the InstaTwitFace!

Throughout the past two days from not surfing on social media while watching TV and eating chocolate, I find that I'm forced to focus on what's truly important to me. God first, then family, then my chiropractic career. I'm getting more time to pray and meditate, read success books, and being present with my immediate family.

Lesson learned. Spending way less time being distracted by my sugar cravings coupled with social media abstinence = getting more out of life, period. Even last night, for my first night of fasting, instead of staying up late watching the boob tube and looking at everyone else's recent posts, I listened to energetic music and visualized and planned my future. Who would have thought what a moment I could have experienced.

So question yourself. No, really do this. It may sound simple and stupid, but it works. Ask yourself, "What do I have or do, that isn't adding any value to your priorities? What can I get rid of?" What you gain from getting rid of routine stuff will bring you closer to what's truly important to you. Yeah sure, that sitcom is engaging and filled with drama. But what is it really? One, it's a time waster. Yes it's fun at the moment. Ball games are great time wasters, but has that team of yours invested any time into you as you have into them? Time is of course your most precious commodity. Time.... it's yours to waste or invest. Which do you choose?

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